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visual identity


ana deciphers passions, is a strong and sensitive woman, sun in sagittarius, believes in planets and cries when she sees a constellation of stars. He dreams of being a nomad and wants to transform, raise awareness, with freedom and courage. All this to be able to write, write and write.

Anna is her name. Simple, feminine, easily absorbed, audacious, arouses curiosity, different, expresses your position, has longevity and does not limit. It is a very common first name, but this ana is unique, as are the thousands of stars, but each one has its history, and its particularities.

The brand, the concept:

Star is knowledge, the symbol brings connection, vision of the future, communication and message. To be under the sky at night and see the stars is to be outside and free in nature.


Ana makes us realize: our dreams and our strengths. and when we are in nature we are closer to all of this. the brand opens paths and sheds light on people, thus allowing them to encounter their truths.

I immersed myself in astrology, constellations and symbols, there was a lot of conversation and exchange of ideas.
Ana Miranda is deep, restless, has great taste and therefore it is an immense challenge to meet her expectations.


Also ana has: 

Sofia,its values, knowledge and assumptions and a spinning,culture and solutions for the person, for groups and their brands.

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