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brand, website, stationery, labels, publication and instagram

ABeGrünIt isan old dream of Livia's, to work with plants. She went to live in Germany and built this idea of working with integrative gardening of edible and medicinal plants. She builds gardens in people's homes and teaches them how to cultivate their own garden.

We developed the brand together, Livia me  showed this seed symbol and I redesigned it, merging the typography with the name, thinking about the relationship between the two, proportions, colors and dialogues, in addition to the signature.

A vertical and horizontal version was thought. From there, other graphic elements emerged, such as the pattern with the symbol, which is something I really like to create with the marks I design.

From that, we started to develop the graphic pieces and website. Business card, stamp and sticker.


In 2020, Begrün enters a new phase, new website, with a store, product development and its labels and an ebook with incredible recipes of natural products for the home, for the body made by her, synergies of essential oils, aromatherapy. And this year I've been creating all the Instagram posts.

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