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casa do nucleo

core house 

brand, website, social networks, stationery, packaging,

CD covers, etc.

Casa do Núcleo was a cultural space that belonged to theContemporary Core, by Benjamin Taubkin.

It housed mainly independent music and stayed from 2010 to 2014 in Vila Madalena in São Paulo. I developed the entire visual identity, exhibitions and graphic pieces of communication with the public E for Núcleo Contemporâneo I also made many album covers and the website.

casa do nucleo site

To create the face of the brand, the team gave me a lot of freedom and as I have been part of this musical universe since I was born, it was very easy to immerse myself in the independent music universe. It would be a space for musicians to play, improvise, feel at home!

The orange ball came from the brand of the Núcleo Contemporâneo seal and the trace of the house, brought welcome.

The site featured the monthly schedule (which was very intense, an average of 20 concerts), a collection of records collected by Benjamim on his travels around the world, a store with the titles of himself selo. And also about the kitchen, which served vegetarian lunches.

casa do nucleo cartazes

These were some of the posters created to publicize the monthly program, which had some themes, such as spring, African music, commemorative parties, etc.

With the posters I also developed electronic graphic pieces, for social networks and email,and often printed, for special events.

Alongside some of the promotional pieces such as T-shirts and bags with the brand and some drawings by the artist Manú Maltez,

who made some drawings on the walls of the House.


These are some of the album covers I made for Núcleo Contemporâneo.

And beside it, the website, in partnership withCapim Design.

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