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flower yard

brand, website, stationery

Fernanda Ravanholi is a powerhouse, she has the ability to do and invent more than anyone else I have ever met in my life. We met at the architecture school and when she decided to create theBackyard of Flowerscalled me to do the identity. 

With that reference in mind,

I created a flower  with overlapping petals, because I felt that

the backyard would be many thingsbeyond what she had in mind at that moment in 2015. 

Fernanda is the center, the core, the core of this flower. She is an architect and landscaper, works with people and  with plants and what moves all of this is spirituality, so she applies therapies in all her projects and practices. And that's where it comes from

the purple color.

the font is light, modern and clean.


after the brand, we created the stationery, the website and prints for t-shirts

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