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agency the hell
redesign of the visual identity, instagram and website

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 18.06.34.png

The agency needed to update itself, a new moment of growth, with large clients, with high numbers of followers, so the logo was redesigned, with new colors, keeping the black and yellow of the old symbol, but adding orange and red tones, making a overlay effect. 

A new language of photos was thought of, BP with a lot of contrast, so that these colors and textures could be applied on top, giving this more radical effect, bringing this ray of light with more strength.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 18.12.11.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 18.20.08.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 18.12.57.png


this set of graphic elements resulted in this new identity for posts, website, etc..

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