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I'm Teresa Maita, I have43 years and 18 years ago

I didmyfirst job as a graphic designer: 

oneDisc cover.I was in college

of architecture and urbanism,almost graduating

and wanting to save the world.

But I fell in love with the designand never stopped.

I'm familyof musicians so art alwaysbeen

very present in life e the design flowednaturally.

Then I went to study, take courses and work in design studios, and that's how I learned a lot, working!

There are more than 70 album covers e almost 50 visual identity projects, para artistic projectsand entrepreneurs ofdiverse areas.

I feel ultra potent, creativeis verymore mature,to dowhat i love: help createAn imagestrong,unique and that makes perfect sensefor you.

Some testimonials from clients who have worked or still work with me:

Working with Teresa is a joy and a learning experience. It's having a professional around who, in addition to being talented, creative and mega firm, has a unique listening and delicacy. Te was fundamental for me to structure my business and create the visual identity of my publishing labels, as I always dreamed.

Tainan Bishop,

Editora Claraboia

Working with Teresa Maita was fantastic. After working so hard on the music for this cd, I had to find the best way to express myself visually. And certainly Teresa accompanied me in this process, understanding how I wanted to be shown. Ofeedbackit was beautiful both in Europe and in Brazil. And then the look of everything around this work had something unique. Congratulations Teresa for this work and eternal gratitude.


Juliana da Silva

Invite Teresa to develop the visual identity and website for my work as a Gardener

it was essential for me to materialize for myself my choice to dive into this new path of personal and professional life. Everything was cloudy for me, I just had   a strong intuition in my heart.


I live outside Brazil, so it didn't even happen to sit together, that eye to eye.
We had conversations online,

she guided me on relevant issues to think about.

I sent her a drawing

and a name. She integrated them in such a way that it made me see and realize who I had become. His sensitivity, precision and talent brought my identity to light.

I recognized myself, I saw myself in that Art.  And thus, Begrün was born, from two mothers connected by the heart


Livia, Begrun

Teresa's work values my work.

She had a great sensitivity to understand the meaning of the project and translate it into beautiful images, she has great taste!

Converso talks about childhood, but works with adults who take care of children. Teresa understood that and the logo, the materials translate exactly that, she created a language that respects the child and bets on intelligence and sensitivity

of the adult who is relating to the child.


Tania, Convert

Teresa is the designer at 

Gaeta since the beginning, 

12 years of partnership.

Jobs are executed 

with mastery and speed, 

I only get compliments from the arts 

created by her!


Alessandra, Gaeta

I already had a great admiration for the works

by Teresa Maita, due to the covers she created for the albums São Mateus by Rodrigo Campos, and Zulusa

by Patricia Bastos.


In 2013 I was recommended your name to create my website. There we began a fruitful partnership that yielded other productions that I am very proud of. In addition to the website (wonderful), Embalar album cover, visual direction of the launch show (with image projections), all promotional material, all created and coordinated by Teresa. Art and elegance are naturally the hallmarks of his work. But Teresa is so much more. I have full confidence in your good taste.


Our interaction made my admiration for her grow even more.



Nah Ozzetti

I met Teresa when I was looking for designers to make my new portfolio and her works caught my attention, I felt that they had a lot of heart. That was the word that came to mind the most when I learned more about her work. And that was a very important differentiator for me. 


And after working with her, that feeling of being made with heart proved even truer. She has a unique affection and attention that further enriches her elegant and assertive aesthetic. Not only do I recommend her, but I want to continue this partnership for my own  projects.


Júlia Anturpem 

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