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disco covers 


Vanessa Moreno • 2021

I met Vanessa listening to her lives during the pandemic, in fact I already knew her, but recently I paid more attention to her voice, her simplicity and I really liked it!
Then, on any given day, she and a Manu  asked me to do the cover for the new album "Sentido". Total happiness! Conversations were taking place, exchanges of ideas,briefings, music until the day she told me that the photos would be da Lorena Dini. Perfect, the cover was ready! The album is voice and guitar, simple as that, beautiful, in her own way. And the cover too, everything is there: skin, pores, breath and inspiration. Everything making sense.


Morris Picciotto • 2020

It all started with a drawing on a stone that Ale Picciotto  made, a fundamental graphic element of the project and which are the covers of the singles that have already been released one by one and now is the release of the full album. The cover photo is by Jose de Holanda. Other strong points of the project are the yellow ball and the wine that forms the background. All this makes the identity strong, with colors, textures and mixtures of elements so different. It was a beautiful challenge!

na ozzetti

Nah Ozzetti(Circus Seal) • 2020
New Graphic Project for the first album, from 1988, which was remastered for CD and LP. The premise was to keep Gal Oppido's original photo and cover. My job was to apply the typography on the cover and develop the back cover, inside, booklet and adaptation for LP and labels.

Rodrigo Campos

Rodrigo Campos, São Mateus is not that far away, CD and LP 2009 and 2019

Rodrigo Campos LP
Thamires Tannous CD
Thamires Tannous encarte
Thamires Tannous capa
Thamires Tannous

Thamires Tannous, Canto-Correnteza, 2019​

Na Ozzetti e Zé Miguel Wisnik
Na Ozzetti e Zé Miguel Wisnik

Ná Ozzetti and Zé Miguel Wisnik, Ná and Zé, CD and double LP, 2015 •herehave the website too

Patricia Bastos Zulusa

Patricia Bastos, Zulusa, 2012

Ricardo Herz e Antonio Loureiro

Ricardo Herz and Antonio Loureiro, 2014

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