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skylight publisher
complete visual identity


“Skylight lets in light, brightens what is dark.
Claraboia edits books, clarifies ideas, illuminates thoughts.
Clara is the female universe. Women being read and understood by women.
Clara is the editor of affection for those who want to read and write.
Claraboia opens with care, seriousness and strength to those who are or want to be resistance.”


This is the concept of Claraboia's new identity: openness, connection and feminine energy. And the logo symbolizes all of that. 

Tainã Bispo created Editora Claraboia in 2019. When we started the process of creating the identity, with countless conversations and exchanges, we understood that Claraboia is much more than a publisher, as it looks with care and affection at writers and readers, with the creation of various contents. Such as: editorapia (a consultancy/therapy to guide those who have never ventured into writing or are unaware of the publishing market), podcast, courses, children's books, super elaborate newsletter, reading club and much more. And to make communication between all these services easy, I created a family of icons for application on the website, Instagram and general uses.


The creation of the site was also very careful, mainly to apply all these subjects in a simple way. And thinking that the user experience should be efficient, I created expressive buttons on the home page to facilitate the navigation of all contents,


animation Duda Andrade

As for Instagram, I created some templates (so the team can continue making posts within the identity), I applied a complementary color palette to the institutional ones, to enrich this identity, and which were also applied to the highlights of the channel.

And below some institutional stationery items with the application of the brand.

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