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I convert education

brand, website, stationery and instagram

Aconverttalks about knowledge in Education, and offers courses, lectures, workshops, seminars and advisory services  linked to early childhood  and its capacity as an active, thinking and autonomous being. Tânia Fukelmann is a teacher, pedagogical advisor and idealized Converso Educação. 

We were making the website when

Tânia felt that the brand needed

be redesigned, and it was very easy to do, because already I was very involved
with the project.

She wanted something that didn't look childish, despite talking about childhood. I wanted something organic and artistic. We looked at many references and the result was like this:

3 circlesmeet at a point

in common and central, with the focus on the child and culminating in many colors,

which are the many possibilities

that this child can live.

Unfinished typography brings openness

to the unexpected.

Based on the brand, we started to develop stationery, items from the online bookstore, seminars and courses,  such as notebooks, bookmarks, business cards, mailboxes, etc.Here's a testimonial from Tânia too.

At the same time  we resumed the site. And for the project to get stronger, we did a very special photo session with

the photographerPedro Bonacina. We invite children of different ages and place objects in an incredible park.

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