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take off

brand, website, stationery, packaging and instagram


Observing the neighborhood trying to deal with the mess of shoes in front of the houses in the village where they live, Des.calçar was born. In the pandemic, we were all forced to adapt to safety protocols, so those who didn't already have that habit had to adapt to leaving their shoes outside the house. The Des.calçar team worked hard to create shoe racks and furniture for the entrance to the house, with a lot of style and simplicity, as one of the partners has an extremely inventive mind.

The brand was designed thinking about the entrance to your home, the entrance to the office, a classroom, in short... it's the front door. The intention was to give three-dimensionality, with the name entering through the door and undressing for this passage.

An important point inbriefingwas the creation of a symbol to be applied to the pieces, which was simple and impactful in line for better definition in the different materials used in the projects.


I designed the package that goes by the post office. With the symbol I created a pattern, which stamped the box and the back of the tag. Adhesives, user manuals, flyers, etc. were also created.

In addition, a website was created, selling products and an identity project for the instagram feed.

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