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Gaeta Masseria was born about 10 years ago as a little grissini factory (hence the choice of name, a small town in Italy where the biscuits were created) and soon after started making handmade pasta.

Alessandra lived there for a while learning how to make these wonders and today Gaeta is one of the few fully handmade factories that managed to survive in the city.

Thinking about it, the brand was made with this irregular line in the typography, to give that feeling that everything is handmade. The font has been completely redesigned: proportions and ligatures.

Over time, we developed the complete identity of the brand: stationery, uniforms, packaging, promotional material, such as folders, flyers, advertisements, and the setting of the store, which was opened a while later:

façade board, trestles. etc.

In 2016, we did ecommerce.

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