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juliana da silva

album cover, vinyl and website


Juliana da Silva is a Brazilian singer-performer who has lived in Frankfurt, Germany, for many years now. She loves Brazilian music and is very present in the jazz scene there. 


She came to me through the website of my sister, Luisa Maita, who has also been a singer for 5 years,  and we are only now able to carry out the dreamed project together!

The visual identity of your new album and website. The project is still in progress, but I already have a lot to show here.

Just like every music project in which I participate  I get very involved and with  this was no different. the photo session that was here in São Paulo and that's why I managed to spend a whole day with her. Who took the photos was Elaine Santana, who I already knew and the process was very good! Ju got an amazing location, and even with the rainy weather, we managed to take some magical pictures!


The search for the concept of the work was strength and femininity, Juliana is one of those women who call attention, she has a loud voice and is lit, moves her hands and has a lot of energy, she is intense!

She brought fantastic necklaces by Bahian artist Geiza Santana and lots of lilac, violet, turquoise.

We decided to value her curls, and this cover photo came out almost at the very end of the session, everyone was a bit tired, at night, we took a ladder and there it was, on that old tile floor. We had the cover!

The font chosen was Sunbeat Slow, a very jazzy font, but at the same time playful...

In addition to the cover, on the booklet and website, you can see Elaine's beautiful work. The CD and LP were printed there in Germany, another big challenge, to follow everything from afar, and it worked, everything was beautiful!!!


Here are some pages of the site, which is also responsive, I abused the photos and the violet, to have a unit with the disk. There are many stories to tell there!

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