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na ozzetti 

album cover, website, flyers for social networks

This is the discNah Ozzetti, Pack, 2013, the singer's last solo. Immediately after the invitation, I thought of theCarolina Rolim, photographer and who has a beautiful experimental work with pinhole (matchbox machines). And how notThere is no way to control the image with a pinhole machine: light, effects...  the idea was to experiment. And magnificent images came out!!!


I always thought Ná was a bit Chaplinian, so this costume made the most sense, together with an almost "clown" makeup, Ná danced and danced.

the booklet is the overlapping of movements that the machine itself makes. And inspired by that, I made the cover overlays. With a fun font.

these images yielded so much that they became publicity flyers and scenario videos for the shows.

In addition, I made the website with all the history, discography and a lot of cool content about Ná.

Check out Na's testimony about the process here.

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