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olivi accessories
visual identity

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AOlivi Accessories it's the hands and eyes of Érica Olivi who brings together pieces, colors and materials to tell stories.


Her creations are designed for different women. She looks at the feminine, provokes and makes us want to try new things. He believes that our style can change and that every day we can be many.

The process with Erica, who found me on Instagram, was very special. We had many, many conversations, so that I could delve a little into your universe and thus, with this new brand, contribute the least bit, in this new moment of your life. <3

The brand, the concept:

For the creation process, I selected some keywords, which were chosen in our long conversations. INFÂNCIA, MEDITAÇÃO,  VERSATILIDADE, NOVIDADE, MÃO NA MASSA,  LIMPEZA, SIMPLICIDADE e PINGENTE._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Words that are part of her story, her nature, her way of being, her worldview, the image she passes on to the world and so on.

Inspired by all this and also based on your visual references, I drew a lot by hand. I applied it to the grid, adjusted it with my eyes and that's how Olivi was ready: the inspiration for the letter's design was a pendant, a jewel. The "O" started as a symbol and in the end, the whole name became a symbol.

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Here is some of what I developed for stationery and identity application, such as tags, box, sticker, bag, tissue paper, as well as a website with a store and a project for an instagram feed. 

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