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citizen school project

brand, website and publication

Projeto Escola Cidadã is from Carmen Mattoso, an old client who came back with another one of her amazing ideas! She is an educator in the area of pedagogical tourism and when she realized that the students were not bringing into their daily lives the experiences they had on the magical trips that only she knows how to take, she decided to take a few steps back and offer schools a project that deals with the Study of the Means and putting students very close to the reality around their school, and thereby better understanding the world, asking questions and seeking answers.

When Carmen approached me to design the identity for this project, and told me all of this, the design of a house came to mind,  not just our own house, but beyond it, our surroundings, that it is so small, but that we rarely know it. The brand speaks of conscience. The lines of the houses are irregular, thin, handmade, which brings the subtle and meet at some points, forming a plot, which is the collective, community life in society. It has movement, earth, hand, process and union. The point in common between the houses has a nucleus with the color earth and the name.



When I applied this "house" among others, the block was formed, then the neighborhood and so on, infinitely... until this texture was formed. Applied on stationery, website etc..

Returning to the scope, the objective of these activities with students is to apply all the results of research and wanderings on a platform, with videos, photos, testimonials, etc.

The first step was to develop thesite for sale of the project, which is already on the air.

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